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Information for Advertisers

Ad Calculator 

Select position:
Height of Ad (pixels):  standard=65
Width of Ad (pixels):  standard=500
Select weight:  % (100 = static)
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Design Features 

This website offers a choice of 3 Ad Rotators, described by their positions: Banner, Footer and Sidebar. An Ad Rotator can contain anything from 1 to 10 or more Ads and these are displayed on a rotating basis. The relative importance of an Ad compared to others sharing the same rotator is referred to as its weight. When an Ad is displayed, this is referred to as an impression. When an Ad is clicked, a new page opens displaying the link stored in the Ad. The website records the number of impressions and clicks for each Ad and a detailed report can be given on request. Required information to place an Ad:
  • Position - banner, footer, sidebar
  • Size - height and width. Standard sizes and size restrictions apply
  • Weight - 10 to 100 percent of impressions generated by the rotator. 100 percent corresponds to a static/non-rotating Ad
  • Duration - number of days the Ad will appear. Start and End dates required
  • Linked webpage - the page which appears when the Ad is clicked
  • Format - Ads can be supplied as jpeg or gif images, or as Flash (.swf) movies

Each position has a standard size, which is shown in the Calculator above. Pricing is based on this size. If an Ad is submitted for a particular position that is equal to or smaller than the standard size for that position, then it is charged at the standard size rate. If it exceeds the standard size, then the ratio of the submitted size to the standard size will determine the fee increase. The width of the Sidebar position is not alterable.

Advertiser Benefits 

Sydney now has a well-established community of dancers and devotees of Argentinian Tango. Within this community and increasingly around the world, has proven its value as a vital resource. Always current, with a true calendar of events, detailing the classes, workshops, social dances (milongas), and scheduled entertainment, it is a unique point of contact for the people and organizations that define the Sydney tango scene. The sydneytango website is responsible for drawing local, interstate and international visitors into Sydney events and provides updates and information not listed elsewhere.
Advertiser benefits that apply to display ads:
  • Setup includes a hyperlink to nominated external website
  • Visibility options available to suit your budget
  • Ads will be posted online within 48 hours of receipt of technically suitable material
  • Ad run period commences with date of first posting of supplied materials
  • Visibility - Ad material when posted is assigned a percentage share of display opportunities


Advertising bookings of up to one month's duration must be paid in full in advance. Contract bookings must be paid one month in advance throughout the agreed run period. Payment to be made by cheque, direct deposit or bank transfer. There is a minimum charge of $30.00 for placing an Ad. We do not charge GST. Bank details:

Bank: TBC
Account name: TBC
Account: TBC


Carlos Medina on 0412 187 888 or email

Terms and Conditions 

Advertisers by booking space and supplying material for publication indicate their agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
Advertisers are advised to satisfy the provisions of the Fair Trading Act and, by submitting material for publication on the website, warrant that it is not in breach of that Act and agree to indemnify the Publishers against liability claims arising out of the publication of supplied material.
Advertising material is subject to approval of the Publisher who reserves the right to reject material considered unsuitable.
Advertising material (except for personal ads) should clearly identify the advertiser include phone contact details or where the contact details appear only on a linked website a telephone number should be provided there.
Advertisers bear responsibility to advise the Publisher of any errors in published material and the Publisher is not responsible for such errors nor for any liability arising out of their publication.
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