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Tango Orchestras in Australia
Sydney - Tango Orchestra
Tango orchestra: Adelante
Bandoneón: Paula Tennent
Violin: Eloise Reddy
Violin: Emma Scolaro
Flute: Liz Cheung
Double Bass: Emily Green
Piano/director: Thomas McCorquodale
Mbl 0432 737 817. (Tom)

Blue Mountains - Quintet
Contemporary tango-inspired instrumental music with strong jazz influences.
Their repertoire includes pieces by Piazzolla, Ziegler and Egozcue as well as some traditional tangos/vals/milongas and modern original pieces which fuse tango with jazz.

Gaye Thomas: flute/bandoneon
Inge Courtney-Haentjes: violin
Greg Gibson: saxophones/clarinets
Jane Andino: piano
Adam Bodkin: double bass

Contact details: Gaye Thomas 0400 775616 or 4757 3657

Canto Latino
Sydney - Quartet
Canto Latino (Quartet):
Voice - Amanda Handel
Piano - Jane Andino
Accordion - Gary Daley
Saxophones - Matt Handel
As a quintet we include:
Bass - Ann Palumbo
Amanda Handel:

Fuego Blanco
Sydney - Tango / Quartet

Fuego Blanco, orquestra de Tango. The passions of tango music was what brought 4 friends and musicians to create 'Fuego Blanco', spanish for 'White Fire'.These young musicians are under the tutelage of Maggie Ferguson (bandoneon) and have recently studied orchestral tango styles from the 40s and 50s at the Tango Via Buenos Aires programme in Argentina.

MaggieFergusonTango & Friends
MaggieFergusonTango & Friends are:
Maggie Ferguson, bandoneon and violin
Andrew Baker violinFrancis Carreon, piano
Isabella Brown double bass
Murilo Tanouye electric guitar.

Mendoza Tango Quartet
Brisbane - Quartet
Liz Young - Violin
Stephen Cuttriss - Bandoneon
Cara Tran - Piano
Sophie Collis - Double Bass
Solange Lipcin - Voice
Contact Liz on 0417922508

Musicano FusionEnsemble
Sydney - Tango Orchestra
Musicano Fusion Ensemble 
Suna Flynn
Mbl: 0448 859 563 Email:
Conductor, Musical director
Piano, keyboard, Pipa, vocal and Music arrangement.
Mark Krywienko-Secretary Acoustic and Electric Bass
Gennady-Music Arrangements piano and accordion
Leo Novikov-Concert Master
ChenChen Liu-Pipa ( Chinese Lute)
Cristian Valencia-Tiple/Guitar/Bass
Alejandro Ibarcena-Tango dance leader/choreographer.
Emerging young artists:Claudia Augustine-Violin, Shirley Wang-Flute, William Xu-Piano,
Hubert Lee-Piano.
Find us on Facebook, LinkIn, WeChat, Line, Instergram, Red, Ticktock, QuaiShou, ?? and ???? 

Orquesta La Luna
Sydney - Tango for dancers

Orquesta La Luna - for tango dancers

Bandoneón – Daniel Wallace-Crabbe

Violin I – Maria Lindsay

Violin II/Viola – Angela Lindsay

Double Bass – Annabel Cameron

Piano/Voice – Daniel Rojas

Perth Tango Orchestra
Perth - Orchestra
Piano Accordion- Danilo da Paz
Soprano Sax- Bridget Cleary
Alto Sax- Erin Royer
Tenor Sax- Jazmin Eladen
Tenor Sax- Mia Vukovic
Violin 1- Julia Watson
Violin 2- Sara Duhig
Violin 3- Emma Watson
Violin 4- Tashana Tweddle
Viola- Freya Peterson
Cello 1- Rebecca Meegan-Lowe
Cello 2- Miranda Murray-Yong
Double Bass- Westley Lam
Piano and director- Sarah Saunders
Sarah Saunders: mobil 0439 796 207

Tango Bar
Contact Miguel Guzman 0412 580 583
Tango Bar is a tango quartet exploring the original roots of tango. The sounds and flavours of passionate music that has become internationally recognized.  Vocals and guitar by Miguel Guzman, vocals and guitarron (bass guitar) Justo Diaz, piano Jason Gubbay, cello Anatoli Torchinsky. Specializing in an authentic sound and rhythm for tango dancers, all members of Tango Bar are originally from the land of Tango and Milonga, the "Rio de la Plata", Buenos Aires and Montevideo

Tango Oz
Sydney - Tango Youth Orchestra

Tango Oz is Australia's first national tango orchestra, created with the Sydney Youth Orchestras Association (SYO), by Maggie Ferguson and directed by her from the  bandoneon. For more information, see

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