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I started my tango journey 18 years ago and almost immediately decided to go to Buenos Aires to find out what it was all about. Since then I visited Buenos Aires three months at a time taking classes every day with a range of teachers. I will resist name dropping.

I had decided to learn Close Embrace because the style is like a warm hug, this intimacy allowing for the passion of the music to readily flow between partners.  

 It was only after my knowledge increased that I was able to detect those teachers who had set themselves up just to make a living but had limited skills and those who had in-depth understanding and the ability to teach what they knew.

I was lucky to have had a choice because once one has learned something incorrectly it is very difficult to undo.

It is a buyer beware worldwide situation, anyone can call themselves a tango teacher just to make a living.

 I would like to think Close Embrace Argentine Tango,  a much respected way of expressing the passion of the music, will survive,  but to do so it needs students that have the skills and milongas that play tanders heard in the traditional milonga in Buenos Aires.

Milongas are a social event where people can meet and enjoy each other's company. This interaction, the human company, is more important than everyone having skills in a particular style.

 If we look at Argentine Tango of a particular style and era having a cultural identity, then, if today's teachers do not have the necessary skills and knowledge the language of tango will be lost. Many cultures are reviving their lost languages as they are a significant part of their identity.

It is not suggesting everyone should learn to dance Close Embrace but having chosen a style that you like, my experience has taught me not all  teachers are teachers.

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