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New version of Sydneytango app
The Sydneytango app has released a new version (v66), available on both GooglePlay and Apple Store.

Enabling push notifications and auto updates will help you stay updated with the latest information and news.

Sydneytango App v66 enhancements show the Covid-19 plan for all events/classes. They are colour coded for easy identification:
• green: proof of vaccination required at the venue and/or by the event organiser
• brown: unvaccinated allowed entry
• grey: unknown Covid-19 plan.

Non-Covid enhancements are:
• improved navigation
• view current Poll results
• view archived Polls/results.

The Sydneytango App is available on both Android and iOS at GooglePlay and Apple Store for a one-off cost of $4.50.

The Sydneytango website, weekly emails and Sydneytango App share the same data source and are available to suit your desired way of accessing this information.

Please note that the Sydneytango App does come with inbuilt links to each event organisers web pages and contact details so they are available at your fingertips on the go, plus Google Maps to assist you with getting to your event on time – so no missing out on those important tandas!

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