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Covid-19 controls at events now visible on the calendar
The Sydneytango website and Sydneytango App now displays Covid-19 policy conditions of tango event venues and Covid-19 plans in place by tango event organisers.
Each event will display one of three settings:
• proof of vaccination required for entry either at the venue door and/or upon entering the event
• unvaccinated people allowed entry
• unknown Covid-19 plan for the organiser
In addition, the website Calendar page now includes an option to filter tango events in the selected month. Filter options are:
• show all events (all Covid-19 plan status’s)
• show only events where proof of Covid-19 vaccination is required for entry (vaccinated entry only)
• show only events where there are no Covid-19 checks on entry (unvaccinated allowed entry)
• show only events where the Covid-19 status is currently unknown (unknown)
Sydneytango records whether venues require proof of vaccination and/or Covid-19 check-ins, which means that for events at these venues, the decision is not the responsibility of the event organiser. Please note that the event organisers may also request that you provide proof of vaccination and/or Covid-19 check-ins.
Event organisers/tango schools should notify Sydneytango administrators of their current Covid-19 plan. Covid-19 plan status’s can be updated at any time by notifying Sydneytango administrators and the change will be reflected as soon practicably possible in the calendar.

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