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I have often left a milonga in Sydney wondering why the evening was so disappointing,
the venue,the music the partners all excellent, I now think I have an answere.
Recent studies at The City Collage, New York and the University of Akansas, found, if my
interpertation is correct.
When people actively engauged in listening to the same piece of music, their brains sinc up
and pulse together, particularly if the piece of music is familiar. BUT if distracted they drop out of sinc.
The CODIGOS for a milonga developed over many years are designed, in part, so a dance can get into
an aultered state of mind, to be one with the music and enjoy the ultimate milonga experiance.
I would love to know why those who choose to ignore the Codigos, behave the way they do spoiling
the milonga for others and making the above impossible? 

I have been asked which Codigos (Codes) are relevent to the above.
Entering line of dance      Abuse of space     Talking while dancing
Google      Codegos Soul Tango
Some BsAs milongas post their rules and if not adheared to you will be told to leave.


I find it interesting that you used the words “those who choose to ignore the Codigos, behave the way they do spoiling the milonga for others and making the above impossible?”

Could it be more of a case of ignorance?

There are many rules for the correct Tango etiquette on the dancefloor, for me, it is strange you didn’t mention that you dance to the music, or that Tango is a walking dance, so you must advance at a certain pace. I have been discussing such things for years, but it didn’t make it impossible for me to enjoy myself while dancing. Tango is all about improvisation and connection.

For me I am generally not distracted by the inability of others to stop me in enjoying the moment. I would encourage you to do the same.

Thanks Craig,
I agree it is ignorance that spoils Milongas either through not knowing or not caring.
I agree, one dances to the muic. I wish I had your ability to not be distracted by the ignorant.
Do we just accept that ignorante people at Sydney Milongas should be tollerated? 

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