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The Art of a Great DJ !!
SydneyTango End of Year Milonga Saturday 29 December at Club Bexley
a celebratory evening with “El Mafioso”.

We are fortunate to have with us at the SydneyTango End of Year Milonga, an exceptional international Tango DJ in the person of “El Mafioso” (aka Anthony Miller) who has featured at many tango festivals and marathons around the world, where he has thrilled dancers and maestros alike.His motto ‘PLAY THE RIGHT TANGO AT THE RIGHT MOMENT” is in evidence at every milonga where El Mafioso is in attendance! This may seem a simple accomplishment, however it takes rare skill to adhere to this seemingly simple maxim.

The Art of Tango DJing

The DJ is there so that people can express and enjoy themselves with other people through dancing. The music must make people want to dance - and it must be good for dancing. Music is energy and feeling and the DJ is managing the energy level in the room, as he creates a distinct mood with each tanda.

These fundamental abilities are the tools of the Tango DJ. But then comes the pivotal question of “what to play next” and this is when Tango DJing becomes an art: “reading the room” is an important and rare skill. Through his musical selections, the DJ creates an energetic shape and structure which arches over the whole milonga, making it a unity, a complete and satisfying whole. The DJ must have a dual attention: partly inside, to his feeling for the music, and partly outside, to the energy and atmosphere in the room.

As with the dance, good tango DJing is a dialogue between the DJ and the dancers - an act of sharing one’s love for the music. Just as a live orchestra can inspire and excite, a great DJ is aware of the many different musical colours at his disposal, and uses them to play from his heart to create the atmosphere of the evening and take the dancers on a rich musical journey.

Will you be there at Club Bexley on Saturday 29 December?

Dont miss this beautiful celebration of our Tango Community, with good cheer, camaraderie and a GREAT DJ!

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