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Launch of So Tango Newsletter
This is to let you know that, from next month onwards, So Tango will be sending out a monthly newsletter about all things to do with tango. This will include announcements of tango events in Sydney and beyond, and posts from the So Tango Blog.  

As you can see from the following Blog posts, it's going to be an eclectic mix of information, humour and inspiration. There's something for everyone, from those simply tentative or curious about tango - to full blown tango addicts!

The Man with the Most Expressive Tango Legs
6 High Heel Exercises to Prevent an Injury
Leadership and Followship: What Tango Teaches
The Greatest Hindrance to Learning Tango Is...
World's Oldest Yoga Teacher Dances Tango
How to Piss Off an Argentine

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