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Seoul Tango Festival 2014
I have just returned from the Seoul festival, let me start with the positives. The location excellent, lots of old back streets filled with places to eat. The tango community of the region, young and vibrant, the full on commited embrace of the followers is just wonderful. D.J.Federico Kim (Busan) played get up and dance music all night, a master of his craft.
But I will never go again.
Do you expect a seat at a festival, forget it, you need to come early and queue or you will be standing all night.
Do you come to dance, forget it, after the first hour or so the small floors are so crowded, the line of dance cannot progress, so you must dance on the spot or in my case, take my partner off the floor for fear of her being injured by the couple behind repeatedly bumping into us.
If you just wish to sit, take a fur coat, the cyclonic fans and air conditioning drive cold air at body height.
This Asian area is rich in young tallent and I look forward to going to another festival in the region, but never again to Seoul.

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