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Changes to the forums - new features
Few changes to the forums.

1. You can now edit your own post within a short time after submitting it, to correct typos or fonts or whatever. To do this, select the "Edit this Post" link on the left hand side.

2. Registered users only can now contact other members privately via email, by clicking on the "mail" icon under their alias on the left hand side. You might want to do this to exchange contact details, answer an Ad in the personal section, make a private comment or question, or take a controversial topic offline, and so on.
        - Your own email will be visible to the person you are trying to contact, just as it would be if you were sending a conventional email.

        - The email of the person you are trying to contact will NOT be visible, to protect their privacy. If you get a reply, that's entirely up to the receiver.
           (If you don't get a reply, please don't badger them with more emails)

        - If you DON'T wish to be contacted by other tangueri via this website, there is a checkbox to turn this feature OFF in your Account Settings.

        - If you are the recipient of unsolicited and unreasonable mail via this site from another user, please report this to the Moderator.

3. Some of the forums have been consolidated/ merged with each other. Please try to keep your contributions in the appropriate place.

All contructive feedback to Moderator or Webmaster is appreciated.



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