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Thank you to Isabel Acuna
(Probably I am not the one who is the most qualified to write the following but I am guessing others do not mind.)
I just would like to say we (Sydney Tango scene) have been very fortunate to have professional Argentine (Tango) dancer teacher stayed with us for the last 3 and a half month.

Sydney has been lucky to have one pair of Argentine dancers visiting us once a month pace for the last two years or so.  But, this time 3 and a half month long stay by Isabel Acuna has been a significant new opportunity for Sydney (Tango) dancers to further their knowledge of Tango.

(Also, 'Well done' from me for those all involved from Sydney end who contributed her visit come through. )


Life can experience sudden changes... But out of it, sometime comes an unexpected but great opportunity - meeting.


Thanks to Isabel for coming and staying in Sydney and I hope she will return 'very soon'.

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