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Milongas @ Rose Bay last Saturday

Hello Tangueros/Tangueras,


I was just wondering does anyone know the name (and where I can find him) of a Tango Dancer who wore a black suit.

Not sure if he is from Sydney or overseas but he seemed to know a lot of people there.


Thanks in Advance


Re: Milongas @ Rose Bay last Saturday
Do you have any other characteristic about him?  skin color...     There were two tango dancers from tango spirit wearing black suit and one of them is not Australian   Maybe there was another guy wearing a black suit... Cheers

Passionated TANGO

Re: Milongas @ Rose Bay last Saturday

Was this him?

His timing was excellent. But it was a little disturbing dancing behind him as he seemed to be counting each beat out loud.


- Lurch


Re: Milongas @ Rose Bay last Saturday

Wow, I have a reply or 2.

No not him. He wore all black and definitely did not have pink skin :) .

Tall, Dark and Handsome! He was not too tall - average height, not too dark - brown but definitely, definitely handsome.

One of the better tango dancers although he danced very little.

He can fill up my dance card any night of the week ;)

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