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Sydney Tango Dancers Floats?
Sydney Tango Dancers Floats?
This is not really a complaint.
This is just an observation.
(But probably sounds like a complaint!)
As I mentioned in another thread, when I watch people dancing at our (Sydney) Milongas, I see lots of dancers 'floating'. 
And whenever I see a dancer from overseas join the floor, I can spot that person quickly because for the most of the time that person is more grounded.
When I say 'floating', I do not mean swinging or smooth. 
I just mean 'floating.' 
What struck me when I danced with local dancers in BA was that the followers are far more grounded.  I suspect this also mean the that local leaders in BA are also grounded?
In very simple term...
I often see Sydney leaders tend to lead a follower by lifting energy. 
Either making transition or leading a pivot, the leaders tend to bring follower lifting motion to achieve it.
So, I see - as each dancer walk, energy is UP. 
I shall try explain a bit more graphically.
In Sydney, I see many leaders lifts the follower slightly to motivate a walk. 
This is a bit illogical motion.  Whichever the way I look at it... human with two legs when they spread them apart, it should result in the body and head slightly go lower. 
But, Sydney leaders tend to lift upwards...
This suggest, many Sydney leaders are not aware of contra technique?
I mean... this lifting starts when a leader indicating to follower which foot her weight should be on...
With intension of walking to side way for example,
In Sydney, I suspect many leader thinks 'Ok, I should lift the side of follower's leg so that she understand that leg should be free thus we walk toward that direction...'
The way I feel more Tango way is opposite... 
I would transfer my weight more clearly to the opposite direction and make sure my follower knows which leg she will be starting from. (And by this free leg become clear).
From this difference... what often I see happening is this.
If leader lifts follower up... both dancers will make the step making slight upper direction curve.
On the other approach, the dancers will make less curve but if it happens probably lower direction curve.
Once the free foot touch the floor... the second half walking starts but
Sydney dancers seems to skip this 2nd half. 
I mean....
In Sydney, many leaders seem to stay lifted as transiting to a new position on to the foot.
This is very destabilizing process because this encourage dancers knee to extend and lock.
As soon as their feet touch the floor, the dancers automatically transit own weight over that new footing position.
The more preferred approach for me is opposite again. 
Once free foot touch the floor and two dancers are committed to move onto that position, the process is to MOVE the weight over to that leg.
And through out this second half of one walk, leader and follower are still engaged in bit by bit leading and following.
THIS process, I experienced in BA, is hard to get it in Sydney.
And when this happen, my dancing dramatically slowed down.
Because there is soooo much intimacy in that second half!
The fact is...
I often end up floating...
I often misses out on this second half process.
I hate it.
From time to time, I consciously try to go 'grounded'.
Some follower get it and others don't.

Re: Sydney Tango Dancers Floats?

I understand and agree Isao. I am also trying to be more 'grounded' when I dance. It's my holy grail...

Re: Sydney Tango Dancers Floats?

Point A: I might misunderstand again about "Energy Up",  wondering it is the leaders' hand  that lift followers UP, or "lifting energy".

I got very bad habit from other ballroom dance types and received some comments about i pull the followers "down" too much. And im  trying to break my bad habit by learning to lift energy and posture "UP".

Point B: I total agree with Isao' point of "Floating". That reminded me of what Jorge Dispari making comments of sydney dancers that he saw people running in marathon rather than walking in the milonga,. He posted on his facebook alot of time that " pausado, sentidos, caminado.. " when he was in Sydney.

The Tangoholic

Re: Sydney Tango Dancers Floats?
I had a brief conversation with another leader about how to achieve good grounding one stretch of walk - especially for the second part of the walk.
One Key I learnt from a BA teacher opened my eyes was that it is not so much about focusing on Stepping heavily on advancing LEG/FOOT but...
to make sure the trailing leg loses ALL weight supporting before start collecting it.
In another words, if one starts collecting trailing leg while it is supporting weight - there will be a 'clink' switching when take that foot off floor.
I know I know...
Some dancers are more into 'pushing' the floor off by trailing foot etc... 
But either ways... 
The one of keys about grounded-ness is the awareness of the trailing foot/leg. 

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