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Surprise in Buenos Aires

I´m at the tail end of a trip to Buenos Aires and went yesterday with some friends to Salon Canning´s Wednesday afternoon milonga at 1331 Scalabrini Ortiz.  After a few dances I recognized another face on the floor as Sydney's (Australia's? ... the world's) favourite musicality teacher - Joaquin Amenabar.

He told me that you can usually find him at that milonga when he´s in town (most weeks from April to December).  So stick that info in your diary if you´re planning a trip to Buenos Aires!

But the really good news is that he also told me he's in the process of organising a tour to Australia to present more of his musicality workshops and will be in Sydney on the 3rd and 4th of July.  I don´t know any more than that at this stage, but I´m sure the details will be coming out soon.


Re: Surprise in Buenos Aires

Thanks, Geoff. I shall look out for him when I'm there in August until October. Good to see helpful tips for dancers on this forum. Hope to see more of the same.

Re: Surprise in Buenos Aires

Yes I heard...  For anyone who wants to know about Musicality in Tango dancing...  he is the 'great' guide/teacher. 

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