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Great teachers and opportunities for Milonga in BA
My husband and I were recently in BAs and had lessons with Eduardo and Rachel of TangoTaxiDancers. What a fabulous experience - we had four one on one lessons where they taught us how to listen and respond to the music, how to move (yes and the steps) and how to lead and how to follow. We were both beginners and they had us dancing together (and with them) within four lessons and to the point that I felt confident to dance with Eduardo at a Milonga. Subsequent to this, I observed a number of other classes where people were learning the steps but didnt seem to be getting much pleasure out of the dance nor feeling the experience. I must say I immediately thought thank goodness for Eduardo and Rachel - we would not have survived one of these lessons much less gone back for more. A second and important part of their service is that they provide taxi dancers to accompany you to Milongas in BAs (either teaching or just partnering all who speak your language) to ensure you have a great experience of all that BAs tango can offer. I can highly recommend them for beginners as teachers - much more experienced dancers as teachers and as taxi dancers. Victoria

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