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Tango Argentino in Sydney, Australia is easy to find with the Sydneytango online calendar. Learn tango in Sydney, dance tango in Sydney, watch tango in Sydney - there's something happening every day and night of the week. Our aim is to list all the tango-related events in this city. If you know of a tango event that is not listed or is incorrect, please contact us.

The Forum has been designed to give tango lovers a chance to have their say about tango in Sydney and tango in general. Please read the Forum guidelines before posting. You must register before you can join in the forums. Registering also allows you to subscribe to our weekly Newsletter, emailed every Monday, and gives you access to additional on-line lists of venues, tango schools and weekly events. The Gallery is also open to all. If you have a webpage that would suit the Tango Gallery, please let us know. Check out today's events ...

The Calendar

To simplify the process of finding the desired event in the Calendar, we use a colour scheme to classify 5 types of tango events: milonga, class, special event, practica, interlude, live music. Each event, although it may offer more than one of these characteristics, is given a principal classification or colour. Special events encompass workshops and public performances. A milonga is a more formal dance than a practica. Tango interludes are non-tango events which offer a segment of interest to tango enthusiasts.

Once you have found the Sydney tango event you want to attend you may need to know how to get there. The Transport Info Line Trip Planner at Transport Info Line Trip Planner will help you get there by public transport. If you are driving or going by taxi use Whereis Online. It will also give you the closest car parking stations.

General Disclaimer

This website is intended to provide information of a general nature. Every effort is made to maintain the currency of information in this website, but Sydney Tango accepts no liability for any reliance placed on information herein. Any of the opinions expressed on the Forum in no way reflect the opinions of Sydneytango. Sydneytango takes no responsibility for opinions expressed therein.

To find out more about Argentinian Tango generally and Argentine Tango in Sydney click here.

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