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I think it would be a great project for Synergy, but I am very weary of the words collaboration with the Milonga organizers.

As a High School teacher, I can say the relationship that exists between Synergy and the teachers/organizers is similar to the NSW Teachers Federation (Union) and The Department of Education. Whenever anything occurs that is an indication of poor teaching standards which places the department under scrutiny, then this left-wing organisation will say somebody ridiculous to make “fake news”, and the department is grateful and encourages it. You just have to look at the articles on Naplan for example.

I was around when the idea for Synergy was created and would love to see Synergy more independent compared to their current relationship with teachers and organisers.

I think there is already a complete set of codiges that is widely published on the internet and various places.

For example

I co-wrote that examples of such codiges - rules of tango etiquette on pages 16 and 17 in the Miranda Magazine which Synergy proudly gives away at their events.

It is not a case that people are not aware of them, it is a case they are not enforced. Or it might be that people are not aware of what real traditional tango is. “Manopolising space on the dance floor” is a very old traditional etiquette of certain better dancers to new and inexperienced ones. So one reason codiges are not enforced is because there is no agreement of what they should be. Secondly, the one you keep mentioning “Talking on floor” when should people talk to each other. Organisers encouraged reserve seating, so the only time to talk to people is on the floor. As DJ’s usually use Itunes etc, there is only a 3 second or so break between songs.

What would happen if the DJ announced the theme of the next tanda and allowed a certain amount of time for everybody to assemble on the floor so dancers are evenly spaced from the beginning of the song. Once the music begins you begin dancing, so no delays. It might not necessary mean you have to advance, but you certainly take up the embrace etc. And once the music has started, other people not on the floor at that time, wouldn’t be allowed to enter the floor. This would certainly stop this everybody has to start at the first corner of the floor with a huge line up causing all sort of problems for the whole first song. This alternative solution to the current problem is actually the traditional way of organising a dance, and I did it as a kid in barn dancing and other places when I danced around the world.

I think the problem is not a simple as you might think? The best system would be for anybody to actually be on the floor in the first place, you would need to hold a licence that you are a good enough dancer. If you make a mistake, you lose your license. It sounds ridiculous but that its society’s solution to riding cars and having pets. (Note you don’t need a license to be a parent of a child, even though it is of much greater importance to have great parents for a children, then looking after a dog in my opinion) It was also the traditional way tango was done. People would practice long and hard off the social floor until they were ready. Their teacher or mentor would give them permission before moving up the ranks or displaying their skills in public. I don’t wouldn’t agree with the idea of an licence for tango, I can take most followers who have never dance tango before and do a social dance with them in around 3 songs. Tango can be really simple, and everybody would be able to dance it in no time. Just look at the 99 year old competing on the world stage.

There are many problems in the world from pluralistic ignorance and false consensus, total lack of empathy and traditional values. If you want something you need to work for it. If you want to be part of society then you should work for it and prove yourself. For the wider society it is integrity, industriousness and compassion. For the tango community it should be something similar.

You say that the standards are dropping at the milongas you attend, then the Teachers and organisers need to take responsibility to ensure standards are kept, what either they are.

And organisations like synergy should voice the concerns of people like you, to scrutiny when the expectations and standards of teachers and organisers are not kept.

And if you consider how much traditional tango has changed from what it once were, consider how the filming of scenes of War and peace 1812 to 1860's which predates tango by the previous dance. So it gives an indication of how it could of been danced by the upper society of the time. 
If you went to the dance room, there were no tables nor chairs to sit on, you went there to dance. Secondly the room was big enough for everybody to dance, or the people were organised so there was only enough people so there was enough space for everybody to dance. From wharehouses to open streets to parlours to parties at a home. It basic commonsense. 
I'm a traditionalist and lets bring back tradition values. 

Driving, suddenly a person begins to weave in and out of the line of cars, everyone around has to take evasive action. 
Another, also driving, has  their cell phone to their ear possibly chatting to someone about what a good time they had the previous evening.
I personally think, to say they are just ignorant is totally inadequate and my thoughts of them are best kept to myself. 

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