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Thursday 14 MARCH! Musicality Workshop Series Continues with Pedro & Belen! Dancing to TANTURI! Booking essential

Patio de Tango Term 1 Intermediate/Advanced - 2nd 5 WEEKS
Musical Interpretations of Different Tango Orchestras
8pm THURSDAYS 14 March - 11 April

Thursdays 14 & 21 March DANCING TO TANTURI
Thursdays 28 March & 4 April DANCING TO FRESEDO
Thursday 11 April Tanturi & Fresedo - Comparison & Differences

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: Contact Pedro 0418 219 188
5 weeks course $125 - casual weekly $30 includes milonga

RICARDO TANTURI 1905 - 1973 : Leader and Composer

Tanturi (El Caballero del Tango) was born in Buenos Aires to Italian parents. He learned violin before switching to piano and also graduated in Medicine (organising student bands at university). In 1933 he formed the sextet “Los Indios”, graduating to larger renowned orchestras and his Orquesta Tipica. Some of his recordings have become classics, mostly with singers Alberto Castillo and Enrique Campos.

Tanturi’s musical style is usually calm while keeping a strong rhythmical basis, with regular alternation between melodic and rhythmical phrases, and the piano carrying the ‘Compas’ with a regular chord on the beat. He makes extensive use of syncopation - accents on first beat, then 2 off-beat, and last one on the beat.

Dancing to Tanturi

* Follow The singers
* Apparently simple style, with a strong rhythmical basis.
* Extensive use of syncopation.

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