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Thursday 13 December! Patio de Tango Milonga La Catedral - DJ Pedro! 4th special Pre-Milonga Musicality Workshop with Pedro & Belen! D'ARIENZO! Booking essential

Musical Interpretation Different Orquestas with Patio de Tango
Instructors: Pedro & Belen - Workshop cost $30 pp
7.45 - 9.00pm

Week 4: Thursday 13 December - featured Orquesta

JUAN D'ARIENZO 1900 - 1976 - Violinnist, Conductor & Composer

FIVE WEEKS exploring the musicality of dancing to different Tango Orquestas!
Each week we interpret a particular song from a different orchestra,
to adapt our dance to the style and nuances of the music
- the individual instruments, the singer, the rhythm, the musical phrasing
and the ‘mood’ of the song.

Juan D’Arienzo: ”El Rey del Compas" (The King of Rhythm) was born in Buenos Aires and started in tango as a boy. He played violin and, with D’Agostino on piano, played in many theatre productions.
During the 1930s, D’Arienzo was an important figure in reviving interest in Argentine tango after the death of Carlos Gardel in 1935. Orquesta Típica Juan D'Arienzo at the Cantecler cabaret in Buenos Aires brought a new energetic and rhythmical style (with Rodolfo Biagi on piano) - pulsing arrangements with 4 strong accents per time, instead of 2, providing a sensation of strong rhythm. D'Arienzo gave tango back to the dancers´ feet and made tango again of interest to the young. Both Anibal Troilo (bandoneon) & Carlos Di Sarli (piano) were at times musicians with his Orquesta.
Moving into the Golden Years of the 1940s, and with the piano always of great importance, he introduced 6 bandoneons and a great balance between rhythm and melody. Great singers were included, such as Enrique Carbel, Alberto Echague and Armando Laborde, but as part of the whole orchestra - in his words "The human voice must be an instrument of the orchestra, like others”. 

D’Arienzo made over 1000 recordings and the dancers' feet still follow the beat when D'Arienzo´s records are played. In his words . . .
"For me, the tango is first of all rhythm, energy, strength and personality. Tango in the old days, the one from Guardia Vieja, had all of this, and we must ensure that it never loses it…. My major pride is to have contributed to that renaissance of our popular music.”

How to identify D'Arienzo at the milonga
* His accelerated tempo
* His lively style with 4 accents per time
* His sentimental violin, famous "cuarta cuerda"
* His shinning transitions at piano
* His unexpected and breathtaking stops
* His ending "fortissimo": usual perfect cadence, without artefacts and on the same tempo.


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