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Thursday 6 December! Patio de Tango Milonga La Catedral - DJ Pedro! Week 3 of special Pre-Milonga Musicality Workshops with Pedro & Belen! CALO! Booking essential

Musical Interpretation Different Orquestas with Patio de Tango
Instructors: Pedro & Belen - Workshop cost $30 pp
7.45 - 9.00pm

Week 3: Thursday 6 December - featured Orquesta

MIGUEL CALO 1907 - 1972 - Bandoneonist, Leader & Composer

FIVE WEEKS exploring the musicality of dancing to different Tango Orquestas!
Each week we interpret a particular song from a different orchestra,
to adapt our dance to the style and nuances of the music
- the individual instruments, the singer, the rhythm, the musical phrasing
and the ‘mood’ of the song.

Miguel Caló was born in Buenos Aires, and was a formally trained musician of both violin and bandoneon, playing bandoneon with the Orquesta of Osvaldo Fresedo in the late 1920s. In the 1940s he developed a style which connects traditional tango with the innovations of the age, with a highlighted presence of violins, a rhythmic bandoneon section and a spectacular piano; and he was known as a great director, capable of assembling an outfit of musicians of extraordinary capacity and professionalism. Miguel Caló not only promoted great musicians, but also great singers who made their professional debut in his Orquesta de Miguel Caló: for example Raúl Berón, Alberto Podestá and Raúl Iriarte.

While he is primarily remembered as a bandleader, Caló composed numerous tangos, both instrumental and vocal. Some, including "Milonga Porteña," "Todo Es Mentira," "Ternuras," "Cobrate y Dame el Vuelto," "Qué Te Importa que Llore," and "Dos Fracasos," are considered immortal classics and 45 years after his death, a compilation of his works and arrangements was in the Top Ten in Latin Albums.


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