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Cabeceo - does it work?
It's time to change the topic of the opinion poll on this website, I think. How about "Do dancers prefer cabeceo over a direct approach?" Mmm, on further reflection, there may be a gender bias in the preference for cabeceo.

Re: Cabeceo - does it work?
Perhaps gender bias is part of it.  But surely cabeceo is much more than that.  It's about respect, as is tango itself.  It's about not losing face in rejection.  It's about accepting an invitation to dance because you want to dance with someone, not because you're being polite and don't want to humiliate a person with a public refusal.  It's about equality.  How I wish it was the practice not only in Australia, but also everywhere beyond Buenos Aires!


Re: Cabeceo - does it work?

Originally posted by Milongita

...  It's about equality....

Has anybody investigated the origins of cabaceo in those times when social "equality" was certainly in the early development in Southern America... ?

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