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Organizers please note the following blogs,
Irene and Man Young's  19th January 2014
Tango Therapist            2nd March  2014

Re: Performances
Thanks, David, for the good read, even though I'm not an organiser. 
For convenience of access, here are the links:

It would be great if we can hold a tango retreat in Sydney with no teaching, with no performances, with just dancing. Of course teachers can participate and, as one blogger suggested, demonstrate courteous social dancing in a milonga situation.  There is the BASH retreat in Bundanoon in November - following the formula of "just dancing", but we need one here in Sydney.

Re: Performances
Elsewhere in the world, this would be called a Tango Marathon and often run over a weekend with matinee sessions as well as evening milongas.

And sometimes, booked entry only to assure gender balance. (gender balance? weird concept, aye :-))

I'm keen.

- Lurch

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