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Christmas Milongas

I have always thought Christmas was the time of goodwill and giving, a time when we show how much we appreciate our family and friends.But it seems, as with previous Christmases, the tango schools and milonga organizers are choosing to take from, rather than give to, their devoted followers.      Someone please convince me I am wrong.     David Owen 

Re: Christmas Milongas


Hi David,

I appreciate your thought and your honesty.
I will  speak for myself in this regard……
That is no surprise to me that people will feel what you feel unless they are in my shoes and see how much work and effort I put into it and the return is not great.
All the hall hire and the club catering and the unseen expenses behind the scene is the cost I prepare to risk.  
I would rather to be on your side having the opportunity to choose going to milonga  without any obligation.  But I love what I do and will continue creating unforgettable experience for those who see value and the meaning of GIFT.  
For your information, we plan to open the seating for people who wish to come for milonga from 9pm as soon as we close the catering registration by the end of the month.
We welcome you with open arm if you wish to come, If not I will understand and respect it as well.

Re: Christmas Milongas

Good on you Mimi.

- Lurch

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