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Karina Colmeiro Workshops

Location: Bondi Beach < Class Special event >
Date: Saturday, 3 August 2019
Time: 13:15-14:40 Cost: unknown

5 Fabulous Workshops with KARINA COLMEIRO on Saturday/Sunday 3rd & 4th August
Karina’s secrets to develop an understanding of your own body movement to effortlessly dance any style and form of tango!!

These workshops are a unique opportunity to focus on developing this awareness, to maintain a proper posture and use gravity, its axis and the proper use of legs, feet, hips and torso to dance in an easy and natural way.  Learn concepts and techniques you can apply to different forms of movement (including circular and linear situations) and to different styles and forms of individual tango connections.

Saturday 3 August 
1.15 - 2.40pm - HighTide Room, Bondi Pavilion

Workshop 1- Technique for Leaders & Followers I.

Fundamentals, balance and control, displacements and pivots.
We will study how to effectively use the body in general, focusing on how to use our legs in the most effective way and understanding the functioning of the dissociation - how and why we use it.
There will be individual exercises as individuals and in pairs, although it is not necessary to come as a couple.
Saturday 3 August 
2.40 - 4.00pm - HighTide Room, Bondi Pavilion

Workshop 2- Technique for Leaders & Followers II.

The study of the giro, changes of direction, and the combination of the displacement and the pivot in different possibilities.
There will be individual exercises as individuals and in pairs, although it is not necessary to come as a couple.
Sunday 4 August 
11.00am - 12.30pm - Seagull Room, Bondi Pavilion

Workshop 3 - Sacadas.

Application of the technique concepts explained in workshops 1 & 2.
Proper use of sacadas: how to receive them and how to do them in different possibilities focusing on three aspects, connection, coordination and development of sensibility in the couple.
Sunday 4 August 
1.00 - 2.30pm - Seagull Room, Bondi Pavilion

Workshop 4 - Musicality and Interpretation.
Structural analysis of music and recognition of musical phrases. How to transfer what we hear into the movements of our body.
The pause and quality of movement in relation to music.
Sunday 4 August 
2.30 - 4.00pm - Seagull Room, Bondi Pavilion

Workshop 5 - Organisation of the Dance.

Elements to keep in mind for social dancing. Time, space and energy. Analysis and interpretation of different orchestras.
Workshop Venues: 
Saturday 3 August HighTide Room, Bondi Pavilion
Sunday   4 August Seagull Room, Bondi Pavilion (Upstairs)
Bookings: or contact Pedro 0418 219 188 or Sima 0411 822 258 
All workshops can be taken on their own, but are together part of a complete programme of applying body movement awareness in different tango situations.
Costs $40 per workshop. Discount price $175 for booking all 5 workshops ($35 per workshop).
SPECIAL NOTE:  Presentation by KARINA & PEDRO at Milonga Bajo Fondo Saturday 3 August at St John's. $5 discount on milonga entry fee for all workshop participants.
Organisation: Patio de Tango
Principal Teachers: Pedro Alvarez
Location: Darlinghurst, Bondi Beach
Year of Establishment: 2001
Contact: Pedro 0418 219 188
Venue: Bondi Pavilion
Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach 2026

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